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Across the globe there are new climate changing conditions.

Wherever, you are in the world you will be impacted by the weather and this could be a key issue for you.

Insuring the weather would be great if it were possible and for some events it is possible to buy insurance to protect your event against bad weather.

Will Your Event be Affected by Bad Weather?

If you are running an event that is weather dependent then at the very least you would be wise to consider what will happen if your event cannot go ahead due to bad weather.

Who will you have to pay, who will need to be refunded and can you cover the costs from your own reserves?

It may be that the whole event is not going to be affected by the weather so consider those parts of your event that will be and then decide if you wish to apply for insurance cover to provide some financial protection for you.

It is always really distressing to see so many events washed out. Little recompense from having insurance (seek advice from an insurance broker, advisor or company)  that covers cancellation due to adverse weather but at least it would be something.

Do Not Leave it Too Late

Insurance companies have told us that many requests for adverse weather cover are made just too late. In their experience they receive most enquiries when the weather conditions are known to be bad.

As a rule of thumb, the insurance companies (it is a specialist area of insurance so companies offering this cover are limited in number) usually work to a minimum of at least 14 days notice in advance of the start date of your event, before considering providing insurance.


Make Use of the Specialists

Insurance companies that specialise in Cancellation Insurance will welcome your enquiry especially when it is made a good time in advance of your event.

They have lots of experience from many years of insuring events and their knowledge can be invaluable.

If you are worried about having to cancel or postpone your event, be sure to speak to your insurance company, broker or advisor and make sure you work with them to minimise any loss you may have. You maybe able to receive advice to help prevent a loss. For example, where would you be if the weather for your event day is predicted to be fine but the few days prior to that have torrential rain forecast? You would be wise to seek advice from the specialists.


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