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This post was inspired by the Icelandic ash cloud of 2010 which caught a lot of event organisers needing to quickly put into place their crisis plans. Here are some great event PR tips (kindly provided by Kursha Woodgate of Mexia Communications) to help you deal with any emergency or crisis.

Establish Clear Communications Channels

Decide who is the primary contact point for queries, especially media, which telephone numbers to call, which email addresses to send queries to etc.

Provide Regular Updates

There is nothing worse than the unknown! Lack of communication is one of the biggest causes of anxiety in crisis situations, so keep the updates coming regularly, even if the situation remains the same.

Be Decisive

Hesitating over what to do next can create uncertainty so make a decision, communicate it clearly and stick to it.

The ability to keep making decisions and moving forward is a key ingredient of making it successfully through any crisis.

Be Accessible

Make sure that there is always someone available to deal with enquiries and queries, or get back to people quickly

Stay Cool, Calm and Collected

As an event planner, you will be the go-to person for all queries and uncertainty and so it is essential that you keep a cool head. Do not forget you have these event pr tips to hand.

Even if you cannot resolve a query immediately, be clear that you will deal with it and have an answer soon. Remember, your steely resolve and air of confidence that all will work out in the end will reassure everyone!

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